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BKC Music Group
Psalm 119:28


BKC offers several event packages:


$2500 Show Package (includes): Full length 60 Minute Performance Show featuring BKC's Vizion Praise Band and many others. Price includes airfare for BKC and entourage, hotel, food, amenities, and transportation for BKC and crew while in your city.


$1250 Show Package (includes): A 45-Minute Performance Showcase featuring select members from BKC's Vizion Praise Team (no band musicians). Price includes hotel, food, gas and amenites (no airfare included).


$500 Show Package (included): 15-20 Performance Showcase featuring BKC and (1) Hypeman. Price includes food and gas. 

All shows include ministry/ altar call. A CD/ Book table must be available for artist to promote/ sell products. 


Contact us to discuss more...

"The Highest Form of Worship is to Become!"- BKC

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